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    Talking about the invention advantages of supermarket POF Plastic Film

    Nov. 25, 2019

    The role of POF Plastic Film is to wrap the shrink film around the product or package. After heating, the shrink film shrinks and wraps the product or package, fully demonstrating the transparency of the appearance, improving the product's marketing performance, and increasing the aesthetic appearance of the product. A sense of value. Since the birth of the POF shrink film, it has experienced an unusually difficult development. It is only today that it is today and is accepted by people. Nowadays, people have realized that POF shrink film can fully compensate for the lack of functionality of traditional packaging machinery. POF shrink film has already occupied a place in the market.

    As we all know, the most important thing in the 21st century is talents, implementing talent strategies, actively introducing new talents, and developing machinery with more complete functions and more reliable performance. In terms of technology, China started late, and the level of development is relatively backward. It is also understandable. At this time, the POF Plastic Film Manufacturer, which has strength in China's industry, will take the lead and increase the investment in scientific research to create a group of its own. The production company of core technology.

    The invention of the POF shrink film in the supermarket has brought great convenience to the survival of human beings, but more and more people do not understand how to do environmental protection secondary utilization, which may lead to the globalization of POF shrink film pollution.

    Compared with traditional plastic film, the supermarket POF shrink film bag has the following advantages:

    The water-soluble rate of this POF shrink film bag can be planned and completely dissolved in water, non-toxic and non-polluting; its transparency is high, its light is better than its strength, it also has good tensile strength and tension, and its softness is high. Good touch.

    Moreover, the POF shrink film bag can also be added with a plastic snap fastener or a self-adhesive plastic bag, and has good oil and solvent resistance, can be heat-sealed, can be printed, has a low gas permeability coefficient, good gas barrier property, and has excellent antistatic property. Do not suck and so on. The product can be degraded by water, atmosphere, sunlight and biodegradation, and usually can be dissected as a harmless substance in about one month.

    POF Micro Perforated Film For Breads

    POF Micro Perforated Film For Breads

    Important uses of the black POF shrink film are:

    The low-pressure POF shrink film is mainly used as a plastic garbage bag, a strain bag, a convenience bag, a shopping bag, a tote bag, a vest bag, and a storage bag, a woven bag inner bag, and the like.

    The important use of POF Micro Perforated Film For Breads is for food packaging for cakes, confectionery, roasted seeds and nuts, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea, etc., as well as shirts, dressings, needles, and chemical fiber products used in fiber packaging. , packaging of daily chemicals.

    The important use of polypropylene black POF shrink film is to be used for packaging textiles, needle cotton, dressing, shirts, etc.

    According to the competitive pattern and prospect analysis of China's POF shrink film packaging industry, the current use of polyvinyl chloride POF shrink film can also be used as gift bags, bags, needle cotton bags, cosmetics bags, paper bags, information bags and plastic waste bags, etc.