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    Do you know the difference between POF Shrink Film and Cross Linked Shrink Film?

    Dec. 02, 2019

    POF Shrink Film uses a shrink film to wrap the product or package outside. After heating, the shrink film wraps the product or package to fully display the appearance of the item, improve the product's marketability, and increase its aesthetics and value.

    Cross Linked Shrink Film

    Cross Linked Shrink Film

    Cross Linked Shrink Film is a type of shrink film (POF heat shrinkable film can be divided into ordinary film, high-end film, and cross-linked film). Cross-linked film is suitable for mechanical packaging, especially for packaging products with special needs, such as lottery tickets, banknotes, electronic products, etc. The cross-linked film has a better shelf effect.

    Crosslinked film is actually a kind of shrink film. It is suitable for packaging products with some special needs, such as electronic products, banknotes, lottery tickets and other special products. The shelf effect of crosslinked film is also very good. It is mainly suitable for mechanical packaging, and it will have obvious effect only when used with shrinking machine.

    The main purposes of Cross Linked Shrink Film are: glass protective film, electronic product protective film, automobile protective film, household protective film, food preservation film, etc. At present, electronic products are more common, such as mobile phones, computers, IPAD and other products. There are many similar protective films in life, and they are widely used.

    Cross Linked Shrink Film is becoming increasingly fierce in China. By optimizing the raw material formula and polymerization process, the crosslinked film has an adjustable carboxyl group content, small particle size, easily soluble in water, and easily cross-linked with polyvalent metal crosslinkers. Capacity and other characteristics. Crosslinked membrane is also an environmentally friendly material, which is a non-toxic and tasteless product packaging bag, with active genes. It can react with genes such as double bonds and hydroxyl groups under the action of catalysts. It is the basic raw material of foam stabilizer, defoamer, water-soluble silicone oil and other products. Excellent water resistance, can be used as a waterproof agent for glass, paper, metal, ceramics, cement and other items.

    In China, heat shrinkable film is mainly used in the following three fields.

    In the field of beverage packaging, the total amount of heat-shrinkable film soft drink bottle labeling required in the soft drink packaging, dairy product packaging, and pure water packaging markets exceeds 100,000 tons, and is growing at an average annual rate of 18%.

    In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, heat shrinkable film is replacing carton, which has greatly reduced the packaging cost of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical packaging mainly refers to bottles, caps, boxes, films, etc. used for packaging drugs and medical machinery.

    In the field of beer packaging, China ’s beer production exceeded 51.89 million tons last year, requiring more than 82 billion beer bottles. If 5% uses heat-shrink film bottle sleeves, the annual consumption is 50,000 tons, and the market potential is very amazing.

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