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    Why are POF Shrink Film Packaging being Used more and more?

    Feb. 18, 2020

    As a POF Plastic Film Manufacturer, share with you.

    POF Plastic Film packaging has the flexibility to match the packaging of different items, especially small-volume items. Small-volume beer packaging has better flexibility and is more portable, so it is becoming more and more popular with consumers. With the increase in the market demand for small-volume beer packaging, bottle neck shrink packaging machines will have more room for development.

    POF Plastic Film

    The shrinking machine uses shrink film to pack the articles, which greatly reduces the packaging cost. The shrink film is cheap, and the shrink machine tightly wraps the shrink film on the surface of the article, which greatly saves space when it is stored or transported. . Food packaging machinery has become an indispensable packaging machinery for food production enterprises with the continuous development of China's market economy. The shrinking machine has also been recognized from the original to the packaging production line. The shrinking machine is recognized without people. Increased environmental awareness and corporate trust. The shrink packaging of POF shrink film packaging machine is one of the more advanced packaging methods on the market.

    A survey of nearly 20 well-known companies in several industries such as beverages, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and beer found that the biggest reasons for the POF shrink film packaging technology to be affirmed are mainly: reducing costs, promoting sales, and increasing shelf display effects. The packaging materials of POF shrink film blowing machine are becoming more and more complete. With the POF shrink film packaging, the packaging is diversified, which is more conducive to promotion. At the same time, it has the flexibility to match different volumes, especially small-volume items. package

    取代 In the pharmaceutical industry, heat shrinking can replace cartons can save nearly 10 million yuan. Some pharmaceutical packaging said that because the pharmaceutical industry's requirements for external packaging are relatively low, companies using POF shrink film packaging are more likely to reduce the total cost by reducing the cost of packaging materials.

    At present, foreign countries have already used POF shrink film packaging to completely replace cartons or half-tray cartons. It is expected that in the next 3 to 5 years, with the development of POF shrink film packaging technology and the continuous improvement of the pressure-resistant capacity of heat shrink films, packaging in a certain volume In the middle, the cuff POF shrink film packaging machine can completely replace the carton or heat shrinkable half pallet box. The POF shrink film packaging machine will have more room for development. In addition, because lightweight POF shrink film packaging is very beneficial to environmental protection, this reason has also promoted the development of the POF shrink film packaging market;

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