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    What is Cross Linked Shrink Film?

    Feb. 03, 2020

    There are four categories of POF Shrink Film: four categories: cross-linked film, ordinary film, high-end film, and low-temperature film. Cross-linked film is actually a kind of shrink film. It is suitable for packaging products with certain special needs, such as electronic products. For special products such as banknotes and lotteries, the shelf effect of the crosslinked film is also very good. It is mainly suitable for mechanical packaging, and it will only have obvious effect when used with shrinking machine.

    Cross Linked Shrink Film

    Cross Linked Shrink Film

    The main purposes of Cross Linked Shrink Film are: glass protective film, electronic product protective film, automobile protective film, household protective film, food preservation film, etc. At present, electronic products are more common, such as mobile phones, computers, IPAD and other products. There are many similar protective films in life, and they are widely used.

    The competition of cross-linked films in China is becoming increasingly fierce. The crosslinked film has the characteristics of adjustable carboxyl group content, small particle size, easy to dissolve in water, and easy to be compatible with multivalent metal crosslinker by optimizing raw material formula and polymerization process. Crosslinked membrane is also an environmentally friendly material, which is a non-toxic and odorless product packaging bag, with active genes. It can react with genes such as double bonds and hydroxyl groups under the action of catalysts. It is the basic raw material of foam stabilizer, defoamer, water-soluble silicone oil and other products. Excellent water resistance, can be used as a waterproofing agent for glass, paper, metal, ceramics, cement and other items.

    Crosslinked film technology is a perfect heat shrinkable film completed by special technology extrusion blow. Can help you solve difficult problems in shrink packaging. Because the cross-linked shrink film has a very good shrinkage rate, and the seal is firmer, the temperature range for long-term shrinkage is wider, and the excellent properties make the cross-linked film suitable for any packaging machine.

    Nowadays, the use of shrink film has been widely used in people's lives. It can be said that they can be seen in streets and alleys, and the scope of application is completely beyond people's imagination. It ’s really not me blowing, just like an article, mineral water is something that people in the country and even the world need to drink. Then the label film on the outside of the bottle is one of the shrink films.

    POF heat shrinkable film can be divided into three types: ordinary film, high-end film, and crosslinked film. Ordinary film is widely used in the packaging of food, daily necessities, stationery, hardware and other products. Cross-linked film is suitable for more packaging machinery, especially suitable for packaging products with special needs, such as lottery tickets, banknotes, electronic products, etc. The cross-linked film has a better shelf effect.

    In the future, cross-linked film pairs will gradually replace PE, PVC film, and carton on light and small product packaging. PVC film is thick and brittle, and has poor resistance to humidity and cold. The corners are hard and sharp after sealing. It has toxicity and environmental protection problems in production and use. It has gradually withdrawn from the market.

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